Florida State Genealogical Society
Florida State Genealogical Society

FSGS Spkrs Bureau: Annette Burke Lyttle

3984 McDowell Drive
The Villages, FL 32163-4254
Lecture Topics
Research Methods
  • Genealogical Proof for the Everyday Genealogist
  • Timelines: A Path to Your Next Research Steps
  • How Research Plans Can Up Your Genealogical Game
  • Prospecting for Family History in Unexpected Places
Reconstructing Our Family Stories
  • Chasing Uncle William Through the Wilds of Cyberspace
  • Reconstructing the Lives of Our Farming Ancestors
  • What is Social History and Why Should a Genealogist Care?
  • How Advertising Brought Our Ancestors to the Midwest
  • Blacksmiths and Their Contribution to the Nation’s Development
  • Vintage Cookbooks as Genealogical Resources
Writing Our Family Stories
  • Turn Family History Facts into Stories You Can Share
  • How to Blog Your Family Stories the Easy Way
  • Find Your Family History in Free Online Newspapers
  • Probate Records: Wills and a Whole Lot More
  • Bounty Land: Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be
  • The Marriage of the Waters: The Erie Canal and the Opening of the Midwest
  • Exodusters: The Exodus of Freedmen to Kansas in the 1870s
  • The National Road: America’s First Federal Highway
Genealogical Education
  • Free Online Genealogical Education
  • Your Education Plan for Going Pro
  • Our Quaker Ancestors: Their History and the Records They Left
  • Slavery, Quakers, and the Underground Railroad
  • Beyond the Records: Putting Flesh on the Bones of Your Civil War Ancestor
  • What Did You Do in the War, Granny? Women in the Army in World War II
Previous Speaking Engagements
  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars
  • Citrus County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Pasco County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • The Villages (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Kinseekers (Leesburg, FL) Genealogical Society
  • The Villages (FL) Genealogical Society, German SIG
  • Genealogy Society of Southeast Volusia County
  • Ohio Genealogical Society Conference
  • South Bay (FL) Genealogical Society
  • National Genealogical Society Conference
  • Florida State Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Marion County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
  • Savant Capital Clients Meeting
  • Georgia Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Minnesota Genealogical Society Webinar (September)
  • Halifax (FL) Genealogical Society (September)
  • Iroquois County (IL) Genealogical Society Annual Meeting (November)
  • Central Florida Family History Conference (November)
  • Indian River (FL) Genealogical Society (November)
  • Pinellas (FL) Genealogical Society (November)
  • Citrus County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars
  • Kinseekers (Leesburg, FL) Genealogical Society
  • Marion County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Florida State Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Tree Climbers (Del Webb Spruce Creek, FL)
  • Minnesota Genealogical Society Webinar
  • National Genealogical Society Conference
  • The Villages (FL) Genealogical Society, Italian SIG
  • Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree
  • Jamboree Webinar
  • The Villages (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Researching Family in Pennsylvania
  • Ontario Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Wisconsin State Genealogical Society Webinar
  • Pinellas (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Houston (TX) Genealogical Forum
  • Martin County (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Halifax (FL) Genealogical Society
  • Willing to travel 150+  miles if travel and hotel expenses are paid
Biographical Sketch
Annette Burke Lyttle owns Heritage Detective, LLC, providing professional genealogical services in research, education, and writing. She loves helping people uncover and share their family stories. Annette speaks on a variety of genealogical topics at the national, state, and local levels. She has a master’s degree in English and a bachelor’s degree in journalism and is a member of the Association of Professional Genealogists and the Genealogical Speakers Guild, as well as a number of national, state, and local societies. Annette has been researching her family on and off since high school, and she has been a full-time genealogist since 2012. Her genealogical education has included the Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy, the Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh, the ProGen Study Group, and the National Genealogical Society Quarterly Study Group.